OISE Oxford intensive school of english has mastered the art of tricking parents. Don't get fooled by the fancy building..

Starting from the faculty right down to the standard of academics, nothing is what they portrayed.

When you go to visit the school, which we did not once but twice, they pretend to be a loving nurturing community. All they are interested in is gaining your trust and getting their hands on your money. The welfare of your child is at the bottom of their list.

Our 12-year-old child, was at the oise school for 2 traumatizing weeks in February this year. However, we were given repeated assurances that she was happy and thriving. The day we spoke to her, I found out the horrific truth, we decided to pull her out immediately, despite repeated protests from the principal and other faculty members. Do NOT trust these people!

They got an awful accommodation. Worse than a youth hostel. Poo stained sheets. Room stank of rank sewerage couldn't breathe the smell was so bad! Food was slopped onto plates after having to queue up like Oliver Twist. It was also cold and inedible. Some people got food poisoning. 
Some nights it took nearly 3 hours for food to arrive.  No lift so carrying heavy cases up and down stairs. When 5 families complained they couldn't care less and refused to refund. 

Not only were we refused that, we were told that they were to hold onto our daughter's luggage until the end of the course, as it would look bad in front of the other children, who would tell their parents. Their behavior had no dignity at all, the way they handled the situation, all they were concerned with was holding onto our money and told us that we would be given our nominal deposit back at some point after April. 

Please be aware of this oise oxford intensive school of english before you consider this despicable, money minded organization, that they dare to call a language school. Those two weeks have left a deep scare on our daughter for which she is still undergoing counseling and left us deeply saddened as parents who got fooled into making such a ridiculous decision!!


  1. My son got admission at oise oxford intensive school of english. The took a lot of time in all the formalities and couldn't arrange visa in time. The admission was cancelled by school. Now I am waiting for refund of fee. Two months are going to pass, I have been cheated as I don't know when will I get the refund and my son had not filled the forms in Argentina as they had given assurance of admission. His whole year is going to waste


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